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Get a unique style and feel the boho art while you walking with elegance and full of colors for any season.

Heel Height: 4.3" or 11 cm 
Platform: 0.78'' or 2 cm.

Unique design platform open toes sandals are made with genuine leather upper parts and high-quality soft lining. Original Peruvian cotton textile specially made for shoes. Comfortable and well-tested heel parts. A cushion silicone pad is added to the leather insoles to make you feel like walking on heaven.
Featuring ankle wrap with two buckles to look more special. 
Outsoles are adorned with Nazca lines made with a laser.
All these features were carefully chosen by us cause we love high heels.

Peruvian Inka's textile is well known for its bright colors and Andean figures, for centuries this art textiles are used till nowadays and any pair of shoes or other clothes are not the same because each piece of manta(textile) is not same as other.

Please double check your size given before placing your order or contact us to help you with any doubt regarding this model.

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Coya S

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